Ajax Union

Ajax Union

Ajax Union

Jul 31, 5:02 PM

Basil, our team mascot, is a beautiful Samoyed that brings us joy every single day! Does YOUR office have a mascot? Let us know in the comments!

Jul 27, 1:14 PM

B2B is about working together to win. On LinkedIn, the average CEO has 930 connections, what are YOU doing to harness these connections? LEARN more at our seminar: LinkedIn Power Strategies for B2B Companies. REGISTER NOW --> http://bit.ly/2vX34Bs the seminar is TONIGHT 7/27!

Jul 26, 0:07 PM

Thanks @industrycity for taking such great care of us! Check out those window cleaners though...#careergoals

Jul 24, 8:02 PM

We are so incredibly honored to secure a spot on the list of ""Top Brooklyn Advertising Agencies!"" Thank you for your recognition and support. See the full list here: https://www.expertise.com/ny/brooklyn/advertising-agencies