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American Intercontinental University Online

Mar 7, 5:34 PM

We all know bad habits are hard to break, but good ones are, too! Make it a daily habit to log in and participate in your class to help keep you focused and on track. #StudentSuccessTip:

Feb 14, 5:07 PM

Happy Valentines Day! Keep putting your heart into all you do it can be the key to your success.

Feb 10, 0:11 PM

#InternationalNetworkingWeek Tip 3: Wear something unique (but still professional), such as a brightly colored blouse or polka-dot bow tie! It can be difficult to keep track of all the people you meet at a networking event, and this can make you more memorable.

Feb 7, 2:02 PM

#InternationalNetworkingWeek Tip 2: Dont forget that the lives of in-demand people are different from even most chronically busy people. Their schedules are likely filled with travel plans and meetings, with scarce free time dedicated to family. What is something different that you could provide this person that would make it worth their time to meet with you?