Feb 15, 4:15 PM

A bulge in digital wallets: Customers are looking for more simplicity in their lives. As digital wallets become more mainstream, retailers need to be in a position to use this channel to remain relevant and close to their customers. Visit Aimia's #loyaltylens and learn what this means for businesses:

Feb 9, 4:40 PM

#LoyaltyLens insight: younger #customers have grown up sharing their #data. They told us that it is a cost of doing business today. As such, they appear less likely to question handing over their data. Why does it matter? Visit Aimia's loyalty lens and find out more:

Feb 1, 4:12 PM

#Loyalty Lens Insight: Deciding what kind of value to offer customers depends on knowing two things about them: who they are and what they want. Brands must invest in understanding their customers motivations and needs, but also what annoys them. Learn more about the future of customer loyalty:

Jan 20, 7:11 PM

The potential of #data: "We live in a world driven by data and this is especially true in the world of marketing. And while companies get to grips with data, customers are becoming more aware of what they share." said David Johnston, Group Chief Operating Officer, Aimia. Visit Aimia's #LoyaltyLens to understand how data-driven marketing and customer loyalty are evolving: #marketing #digital