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Analytical Graphics

Analytical Graphics

Jul 30, 3:53 PM

#ComSpOC tracking #EchoStar3 at 87.2 deg W, moving west at 0.1 deg/day.

Jul 7, 10:06 PM

AMC-9 flight safety efforts continue via ComSpOC and Space Data Center automated processing. ComSpOC is providing AMC-9 orbital data products to assist in SESs regaining spacecraft control. AMC-9 is drifting westward at ~0.2 degrees/day and is currently passing through 86W longitude. ComSpOC continues to investigate several reports of potential AMC-9 fragmentation and is working with SES operators to develop an AMC-9 anomaly resolution and plan for the next phase. #commit2spacesafety

Jun 22, 5:28 PM

#ComSpOC continues to support SpaceData in tracking #AMC9 and providing safety of flight products. #commit2spacesafety

May 11, 8:49 PM

The team is loving this year's XPONENTIAL! While you're at the #auvsiXPO bars, swing by Booth 313 for the latest in UTM systems & #icecream!