Agency PJA

Agency PJA

Agency PJA

Jul 31, 5:19 PM

A productive day at our Cambridge offices with @concussionfoundation team members Chris Nowinski, Tyler Maland, Evan Pursley, Brandon Boyd, and Michael Burke as they continue to raise awareness for the growing #CTE epidemic in professional sports.

Jul 20, 2:03 PM

The art of strategy.

Jun 27, 10:19 AM

Find your crazies: In a special episode of our podcast The Unconventionals now streaming on our site, we revisit some of our past interviews with brands such as GE, Waze, Organovo, Big Ass Fans, and Evernote to examine how they were able to capture a crucial portion of their audience in order to grow.

Jun 23, 11:56 AM

PJA President Mike O''Toole sits with @whoop CEO Will Ahmed for an upcoming episode of our podcast The Unconventionals