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The Agency was a spy-themed massively multiplayer online shooter video game. It was developed by Sony Online Entertainment studios in Seattle for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3. On March 31, 2011, production was discontinued after the closure of SOEs Seattle studio. The game was to feature first-person shooter-style gun fighting, with the ability to switch between third and first person views, with some driving and other vehicular segments as well. Skill would be the primary determining factor in the success of the player, though some role-playing video game elements will come into play as well. It has been mentioned that one shot to the head would instantly kill any player, suggesting it will be a somewhat realistic shooter. The game would also include relevant subgames and minigames, among them casino games such as Texas hold 'em, which could be played for fun or can be used to initiate instance missions, such as losing or winning enough games to draw the attention of an NPC. Upon starting the game the player would have the opportunity to join one of two agencies, which would determine the style of missions they would receive during gameplay.