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Affinion Group is a private company based in Stamford, Connecticut that provides customer engagement and loyalty programs. Affinion designs, markets, and services programs that deal with customer relationships for other businesses. The company claims to reach 250 million consumers in 20 countries.In 2016, Affinion Group was cited by Forbes as number 321 on its list of largest private companies. In 2016, Affinion reported a worldwide workforce of approximately 3,000. As of March, 2015, the company had not reported a profit since 2004. According to its Bloomberg Business profile at the end of 2014, Affinion had about 5,500 marketing partners, 59 million subscribers in membership and insurance services, and 62 million customers for loyalty programs and credit or debit card enhancement services. Affinion markets accidental death and dismemberment policies to banks, to be provided to consumers as 'customer appreciation'.


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