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Stratolaunch Systems, a subsidiary of Vulcan Aerospace, is a space transportation venture developing a new air launch to orbit system, with its corporate headquarters located in Seattle, Washington. The project was begun in 2010 and officially announced in December 2011 by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen and Scaled Composites founder Burt Rutan, who had previously collaborated on the creation of SpaceShipOne. In 2015 Stratolaunch Systems was placed under the supervision of Paul Allens new company Vulcan Aerospace, a subsidiary of Vulcan, Inc. The project is a mobile launch system with three primary components; a carrier aircraft being built by Scaled Composites, a multi-stage payload "launch vehicle" which would be launched at high altitude into space from under the carrier aircraft, plus a mating and integration system by Dynetics.

Highest paying job titles at Stratolaunch Systems include Safety Engineer, Aerodynamics Engineer, and Avionics Engineer

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Safety Engineer



Average Salary:$158,333

Aerodynamics Engineer



Average Salary:$107,500

Avionics Engineer



Average Salary:$150,000

Director of Safety and Security



Average Salary:$225,000

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