Aequor Technologies

Aequor Technologies

Aequor Technologies

Aug 29, 7:44 AM

#Rapid Prototype #Process We have the unique ability to capture ideas and concepts and transform them into a UI #prototype within one week opening up a new level of visualization that will quickly bring your dream app to life. Our rapid prototype process is an effective way to reduce time-to-market, while optimising costs and maximising User Adoption.

Aug 9, 0:44 PM

Aequor Technologies, Inc. has the expertise to implement any #software_development solution through iterative steps of Assessment, Definition, Proof of Concept, Build and Test, and Release Cycles of the specific product or #application. We have well-defined transition models, which deliver rapid-relief, low-risk support for #software maintenance needs. Our software maintenance services comprise: Corrective maintenance error fixes. Adaptive maintenance version changes, statutory changes, #certification. Perfective maintenance enhancements and performance tuning.

Aug 2, 0:47 PM

Aequor has been working with various #government_agencies and enterprises including the State of Oregon, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Westchester County, Delaware, Ohio.

Jul 25, 11:36 AM

we have partnered with clients to provide more than 1,900 Application #Support and Maintenance custom #solutions, including, but not limited to: Adobe Creative Suite, Biomarker Intuitive Tracking, Cell Profiler, GeneData Refiner Genome, GetHelp Mobile Application, iLearn and many more.