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Acuity Health

Oct 6, 1:11 PM

Acuity Healthcare is proud to be Employee Owned! Celebrating all of our Employee Owners! #TEAMACUITY #EmployeeOwnership

Oct 4, 2:51 PM

Since 2014, we have been an ESOP! This month we are celebrating national Employee Ownership month with companywide celebrations. #TeamAcuity #ProudToBeAnESOP #EmployeeOwned To learn more about our team, please visit

Oct 2, 2:10 PM

#TeamAcuity we are so proud of YOU and all of our Employee Owners! Let's celebrate and kickoff National ESOP Month with a big thank you to YOU for all of your hardwork and dedication to our patients and their families. #EmployeeOwned

Jul 19, 3:43 PM

Smiles all around for Daisy Rivas for being selected as the Employee of the Quarter, left, pictured here with her manager Chiceea Cook. Daisy was recognized for her wonderful customer service and positive attitude. Congratulations and thank you for all you do for Acuity Healthcare! Keep on smiling Daisy! #TeamAcuity