Action Against HungerUSA

Action Against HungerUSA

Action Against HungerUSA

Aug 18, 9:48 AM

Tomorrow is World #Humanitarian Day - but we work to celebrate, recognize, remember, and advocate for humanitarian aid workers every single day of the year. Aid workers, like those pictured here at one of our bases in South Sudan, are the heart, the soul of our mission. Aid workers put their lives on the line to serve the world''s most vulnerable communities. Their courage, their compassion, their professionalism and pride inspire us. #ProtectAidWorkers #NotATarget #WorldHumanitarianDay

Aug 16, 3:09 PM

When Roda was forced to flee her home in #SouthSudan, her life fell apart. Caring for her four children and her sister''s three children after their parents were killed, she sought refuge in #Uganda - where she (quite literally) began to rebuild, laying the foundation of a new home, brick by brick. Thanks to a vibrant mother''s group supported by Action Against Hunger, Roda has found renewed strength and a strong network of support: If I need to go to the health center, my neighbors will help me. If I have any problems, I share them with the mother group. We are all united. We are all sisters. Photo: Paula Dear for BBC News via Action Against Hunger, Uganda. #refugees #withrefugees

Aug 15, 3:30 PM

It used to be very difficult for families here to access health care, says Kindiaba Sidibe, a community healthcare worker who was deployed to one of Mali''s remote villages to provide children with access to basic healthcare. The national health structure exists, but at a community level, many people cannot access treatment for their children when they fall ill. Here, Kindiaba feeds two year-old Samakoun ready-to-use therapeutic food, a treatment used to nurse malnourished children back to health. Today, Samakoun, like many other children in his village, is healthy and thriving. Photo: B.Stevens/i-Images for Action Against Hunger, #Mali.

Jul 24, 5:40 PM

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