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AccuVein is a privately held company that develops products that aid in the visualization of peripheral vasculature. It is headquartered in Cold Spring Harbor, New York and its sales offices are in Kansas City, Missouri. AccuVeins first product was the AV300 a hand held device that is shined on the body of a patient to enhance the visual contrast of the veins. Because venipuncture is a procedure that requires both hands to be free, AccuVein also offers hands-free stands to allow the user to position the device over the patients body. This device works by shining an infrared light on the area, observing it with a camera, and projecting the image onto the patients skin. AccuVeins second generation product the AV400 also displays the veins on the surface of the skin. This second generation vein illuminator allows the user to hold the device in any direction, sees deeper and can be held at a wider range of distance from the skin, though it is still small and hand held. AccuVein has an ISO 13485:2003 Quality System registered by BSI, certificate FM 546323


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