Jul 27, 2:30 PM

Did you know today is National Take Your Pants for a Walk Day? What is this crazy day you ask? This holiday is a whimsical celebration of the benefits of going out and taking a walk. Being active is an important way to stay healthy, physically and mentally. So go ahead, put some pants on (hopefully they're already on) and get out there! Learn more about Accelovance

Jul 24, 1:45 PM

Happy Shark Week! Be sure to enjoy Discovery Channel's programming. And here's something we can all sink our teeth into: let's take a bite out of cancer! Learn about's Accelovance's commitment to advancing promising oncology research.

Jul 21, 0:30 PM

Heres to Moon Day, where we commemorate the day man first walked on the moon. On this day in history (July 20th 1969) Apollo 11 successfully landed the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, onto the lunar surface. This moment was a historic first for mankind. We salute these heroes that have come before us, and draw inspiration to keep innovating in our own field of clinical research

Jul 17, 1:09 PM

Today we celebrate Global Hug Your Kids Day. Take time to hug your little ones. Have grown kids? Call them and let them know you're thinking of them. On the list of life's priorities, family is at the top. That's why here at Accelovance, we are committed to researching cancer treatments to help keep your loved ones healthy. Learn more

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