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ABF Logistics

ABF Logistics

Jul 6, 4:33 PM

Throwback Thursday: An employee works on a state-of-the-art IBM System/360 at our Fort Smith offices in the late 1960s. When IBM announced the 360 system in 1964, the board chairman called it "the most important product announcement in company history."

Jul 4, 3:48 PM

Happy Fourth of July!

Jun 29, 2:01 PM

Throwback Thursday: Robert A. Young Jr. (center) meets with Tom Harper (glasses) and H.L. Hembree in 1963. Mr. Young was company president, Harper was secretary and general counsel, and Hembree was vice president of finance (he later served as chairman of the board and CEO).

Jun 18, 3:39 PM

Happy Father's Day!