American Association for the Adv of Science

American Association for the Adv of Science

American Association for the Adv of Science

Aug 1, 8:30 PM

On the Trellis AAAS MemberCentral Community we're discussing ways to foster teamwork. If you're a AAAS member, sign in with your AAAS login and let us know your thoughts.

Jul 31, 4:15 PM

AAAS CEO Rush Holt and 15 other leaders of science societies are requesting a meeting with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, in response to reports that he is working to develop a red team/blue team process that challenges climate science. The letter sent on Monday to Pruitt reaffirms the scientific consensus on climate change, noting "ongoing research, testing, evaluations, and debates that happen on a regular basis in every scientific discipline. The peer review process itself is a constant means of scientists putting forth research results, getting challenged, and revising them based on evidence. Indeed, science is a multi-dimensional, competitive red team/blue team process whereby scientists and scientific teams are constantly challenging one anothers findings for robustness. The current scientific understanding of climate change is based on decades of such work, along with overarching, carefully evaluated assessments within the United States and internationally." Read the full letter and list of science society leader signatories -

Jul 25, 4:18 PM

AAAS CEO Rush Holt encourages Congressional appropriators to invest in research, saying that the U.S. research enterprise is among the most powerful engines of American prosperity, producing value far beyond the sum of its individual parts. "For many decades, the American people and our economy have reaped the enormous benefits of federally-supported research investments. It is time again for the bipartisan foresight of U.S. policymakers to prevail in support of research," said Holt, in a statement. Read more -

Jul 21, 6:21 PM

Get your #Force4Science gear