allen & Gerritsen

allen & Gerritsen

allen & Gerritsen

Jul 27, 4:27 PM

We asked @gracepaint, one of our killer Art Direction interns, to design an ampersand that represents her passions outside our four walls. And she nailed it. ""I''m all about getting out of the city in the summer and taking fun road trips. I''m also working on my animations skills, so I thought I''d take them for a test drive here.""

Jul 25, 1:31 PM

Our CEO was included on the #4As list of 100 People Who Make Advertising Great. #TBH, its not a surprise to us at all. Hes spent years championing the culture we love here - where risks are rewarding, failure isnt a dirty word, and ideas can pour forth from anyone regardless of title. Congrats, Andrew!

Jul 19, 2:28 PM

Our Production Manager @wood8ward, is a lot of things: Aussie expat, gardening expert, loving pet parent, and the second coming of William Eggleston. To us, hes always the life of the party, at the ready with a fabulous disco record and a cold negroni to put in your hands.

Jul 17, 5:04 PM

Limits? Where? Starting the week with minds as open and boundless as these Philly skies. #MondayMoods #HustleHymns : One of our talented designers, @Mablist