allen & Gerritsen

allen & Gerritsen

allen & Gerritsen

Sep 19, 5:28 PM

We came. We saw. We droned. Can''t wait to share what we''ve got cooking.

Sep 13, 2:59 PM

Balance. That''s what inspired our Studio Artist, Kayla Moran, to design the latest addition to our ampersand series. She played with negative space, contrasting colors and varying lines to reveal the beauty in finding harmony. Her design also embodies our belief that diverse ideas and views make us more dynamic.

Sep 11, 7:03 PM

Since 2001, terror has taken form in different shapes, and taken the lives of many Americans. What remains now, just as it did then, is our ability to protect the belief - the fact - that our nation is strengthened by the diverse citizens who make up the fabric of our nation, in their many genders, races, and opinions. We honor those we''ve lost by caring for, and continuing to weave, that fabric. #neverforget

Sep 5, 5:24 PM

Rule No. 1 of Summer Party? Always give in to #pierpressure. The sun may be setting on summer, but the light will never go out with smiles like these Now... who''s ready #PSLs?