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Sep 1, 9:12 AM

In recent times, due to the critical need of preserving sensitive information of patients, Healthcare Industry has been keen in embracing Role Based Access Control to identify redundant roles, inefficient access privileges, mismatched roles, illegal access permissions of employees who were no longer part of the system and so on. Mr. Raj Srinivas, VP Technology at 8KMiles, has written an interesting blog on how 8KMiles analyzes and resolves the RBAC issues in a Healthcare organization. Click to read: http://bit.ly/2iLdaUa

Aug 30, 5:16 AM

8KMiles continues to grow leaps and bounds in Q1 2017-18 results ! Q1, FY2017-18 Gross Revenues grew 88.40 % YoY and 17.46 % QoQ EBITDA up by 75.22 % YoY and 10.47 % QoQ. Completion of our recent acquisition of Cornerstone Advisors in May 2017, brings the world-class Cloud technology solutions and next generation cloud managed services experts of 8K Miles to Cornerstones clients, allowing them to further optimize their EHR efforts, manage data more effectively with 8K Miles highly secured and HIPAA compliant cloud solutions (to) improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. said Mr. Suresh Venkatachari, Chairman and Managing Director, 8KMiles Software Services Ltd. Click to view: http://bit.ly/2xLgukW

Aug 11, 10:38 AM

In this weeks blog Utkarsh Pandey, Azure Specialist at 8KMiles continues to discuss about solutions in Azure that aids seamless distribution of media content by maximizing bandwidth and reducing the latency. Click to read this interesting blog : http://bit.ly/2vp56wE

Aug 4, 10:33 AM

Microsofts contribution to healthcare industry enables a predictive model for Length Of Stay (LOS), for in-hospital admissions using Cortana Intelligence. Kattula T, Sr Associate- Data Science & Analytics SBU at 8KMiles in his latest blog talks about the technicalities of this solution and how it aids hospital administration to manage their staffing needs efficiently. Click to read more http://bit.ly/2v5bYgW