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The company is a spin-off of the Technical University of Berlin. The online e-commerce and Enterprise platforms of the company were launched in 2015. The company provides integrations to 3D printing directly from 15 CAD software programs. 3YOURMIND developed the AM Part Identifier system with advising from Electro-Optical Systems to evaluate a company's entire part inventory and identifies the parts that are suitable for 3D printing. ,The company was a founding partner of the Additive Manufacturing Forum event in Berlin in 2017. ,3YOURMIND received the German Innovation Award in 2016, which made them the member of the German Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley. ,The company won first prize in FormNext 2016 which was powered by TCT Startup Challenge. ,The company raised its seed investment round in 2015, led by AM Ventures. ,The company raised $12 million in the Series A investment round in 2017.