Feb 25, 5:00 PM

Delighting #customers is a waste of time and money! 89% of organizations think delight is the path to increased loyalty. Turns out theyre all wrong. Discover the real way to increase customer loyalty, and dont make another move until you read our latest article: http://buff.ly/2lCcpw3

Feb 20, 8:01 PM

Why Is Everyone Talking About #AI and #chatbots? [24]7 CEO, PV Kannan, on the current state of AI technology, where it is being applied, and what its able to accomplish for enterprise. http://buff.ly/2m4PXdn

Feb 15, 10:00 PM

Bots can already chat on websites, answer questions on mobile apps, and respond to social messages. Shouldnt they also pick up the phone? [24]7 CTO Patrick Nguyen on speechbots: http://buff.ly/2lkN8Xt

Feb 14, 9:00 PM

Banking Leaders: Learn three ways to improve compliance with real-time fraud alerts. http://buff.ly/2kQ40Vw

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