Your references, please?

Good Monday morning!

In 2019, we’re all connected, but often overlooked. Our relationships and meaningful connections with important people in our careers don’t stand out enough to let others know about the terrific work we do. Who you know, and who knows you, are important for getting ahead in your career.

Add your references — the people who know you best and can vouch for your professional success — to your Ladders profile. Adding references helps you get the recognition you deserve, notice in your industry, new clients, new hires, speaking opportunities, and promotions.

By adding your references to your profile here, you’ll let the people and professionals in your career know who appreciates your work most.

We allow only three references (given or received), so choose wisely, and focus on those whose backing and endorsement would mean most to your career: current and former bosses, clients who have appreciated your work, peers who think you’re outstanding.

Each reference says something extraordinary about you and your abilities, and helps you get ahead throughout your career. When you’re looking for a new opportunity, of course, but also when you’re looking to get the recognition, awards, and the pay you deserve in your current position.

So add your three references to your Ladders profile today, and build an even more successful career for your future.

Have a great week!

I’m rooting for you,

Marc Cenedella, Founder