You deserved the promotion long ago

Good Monday morning,

If ever a professional deserved the promotion, Craig is the poster child.  After his boss got fired, he took over the job and took his team from dead last in his industry to #1 in just six months.  But still, the bigwigs in the corner office haven’t given him the title, and keep referring to him as “interim”.  

What’s a guy gotta do to get a promotion around here?

Craig Berube, Interim Head Coach of Stanley Cup champions the St. Louis Blues, might like to know.

Berube, who wasn’t even drafted as a player thirty years ago, but played 17 years as an enforcer, was named Assistant Coach of the Blues in 2017.  One month into this season, his boss gets canned for a lousy start. By January, they are the worst team in the league with a 15-18-4 record.

And then, magic happens.  Craig Berube turns the team around with tough love and his enforcer’s gleeful ferocity.  And on Wednesday night, he wins hockey’s most coveted trophy, the Stanley Cup.

His title?  It’s still Interim Head Coach.

If you’ve ever felt neglected or undervalued, you’ve got nothing on this guy.

And your way out is the same as Craig’s.  Over-performance. Excellence. A zeal for success that does not require a title to accomplish it.

Because all titles are earned, not granted.  

If you’ve ever been on the short end of the stick, there are four steps to getting what you deserve, the way Craig undoubtedly will soon.

Create a plan to overachieve.  Discuss with your boss what success looks like, and then make a plan to get there.  While complaints or pushiness can lead to short term gains, there is no substitute for being able to demonstrate to others your ability to deliver.  Better yet, determine with your boss a specific plan of what it takes to earn the promotion. Send it to her in an email to confirm, and to have a written record for future reference.

Execute.  You’ve got to go do it.  Talking about it doesn’t count.  Succeeding at your annual goals, landing the big account, delivering the important project — those are the only actions that will prove you deserve to be at a higher level.

Repeat.  Keep succeeding.  Even if your boss or company is not taking the steps to acknowledge or notice your success, keep your focus on achievement and success, not acrimony and regrets.

Reward or remove.  At the appropriate time, after you’ve earned the title, deserve the higher accolades, and proven that you belong in a better income bracket, you’ll need to have your conversation and make your decision.  “Boss, I’ve been delivering on everything you’ve asked of me and more. Am I going to get the promotion, raise and title we agreed to?”

If they live up to their promise, it could be the continuation of a long and productive working relationship.  And if they don’t, well, there’s no arguing someone into being ethical or fair. It’s time to remove yourself from an unappreciative workplace and move on to better days with your next great $100K+ job on Ladders.

May you win your own Game 7 this week!

I’m rooting for you!