Why Recruiters Love Our Subscribers

Folks, we do things differently here at Ladders.com — it’s always free for employers and recruiters to fill their $100k+ jobs at Ladders.com. By being a club of the nation’s best high-end professionals — at a pretty reasonable price, all things considered — we’re able to work for you, the most talented group of professionals anywhere. Because this exclusive club is so packed with the best candidates, we get to bring you more $100k+ jobs than any other resource, in any format, anywhere on the planet.

But does it really work? I mean, do recruiters like what we do?

Well, as many of you know, we don’t actively solicit testimonials, but we do ask for permission to reprint some of the kind things that our friends say about us. So here — straight from the horse’s mouth — is what the folks looking to hire you have to say about our 490,000 subscribers!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m already receiving qualified General Counsel/Attorney candidate responses. I’m going to put a few other high level positions up today.

Lisa Bruun
Vice President of People
Ellie Mae, Inc.

Thanks, Lisa!

So far it’s great! You have the right people!

Andy Ito
Win Advisory Group
Nashville, TN

That’s great, Andy!

Thanks for the opportunity to let you know about some success. I placed a positing for a National Sales Manager position back in March. Many thoroughly qualified candidates answered and I was able to present
about five of them. The final two were as a result of Ladders.com.

But, I was able to place my strongest candidate in a much more secure position where he is making even more money-and he doesn’t have to relocate!

Thank you for being here for us recruiters. There are a couple of others like you out there, but you are the first and the best!

R. Wayne John
Electrical Career Specialists

I’ve been in this business a while, folks, and you don’t normally hear such nice things from the recruiters. So, how have we done it?

We’ve done it together with you, our 490,000 subscribers. Together, we’ve created a wonderful community of the nation’s best $100k+ professionals. And your skills, your talents, your experience, are deeply appreciated by our recruiter friends.

Plus, stay tuned for more… This fall, we’ll be launching an expanded set of tools for you, including recruiter profiles, professional profiles for job seekers in our network, as well as new tools for making your career management and job search easy, efficient and enjoyable.

So from your five dozen $100k+ job-loving worker bees here at Ladders.com, thank you. We hope we keep earning your loyalty every day.


Jobs Accepted

Account Executive $125k+
Business Development Manager $100k
Channel Manager $160k
Dir of Sales $150k
Director Sales & Marketing $125k
General Manager $105k+
GSC $120k
Managing Director, Japan & Asia Paciifc $250k+
President $250k
Regional Life Specialist $150k
Regional Sales Mgr $140k
Sales $100k
Sales $100k
Sales $200k
Sales $125k
Sales $185k+
Sales $100k+
Sales Manager $115k
Sales Mgr $100k
Sales Representative $125k+
SMB Salses $110k
VoIP Sales Consultant $130k
VP $150k+
VP $100k
VP of Sales and Marketing $225k