Who’s Looking at Me?

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve got a gift for you – our new activity feed that keeps feeding you the best bits of information about what’s going on with your job search here at Ladders.

We’ve added activity feed to the rightmost tab on the homepage. Check it out for a whole slew of new information:

Who’s looking at me?

When employers, hiring managers, or recruiters view your profile, we’ll let you know. That way, you can get smart about how successful your profile is at attracting the type of attention you want.

As a reminder, you can control what your profile looks like by editing or updating it here.

Where’s my application?

The activity feed also keeps you in the loop about what’s happening to your application. You’ll be able to see when an employer on Ladders has viewed your application and downloaded your resume. It’s a small step towards giving you insight into how your candidacy is faring.

What’s going on?

You’ll also see hiring alerts from employers. The latest relevant hiring alerts are delivered to your activity feed, giving you a heads up about jobs that you might have overlooked. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, hiring alerts are select jobs that we send a few hundred subscribers for their review – on average, 7 or 8 of you find them interesting enough to apply. So they’re a great way to get right to the front of the line for an active, open job, that many of your fellow subscribers may have overlooked.

What’s up?

And finally, the activity feed is instantaneous, easy, and automatic. We’ll give you a little nudge when anything new happens – profile views, feedback on an application, your resume downloaded, or a new hiring alert. We’ll keep you apprised of the most important events going on in your job search here on Ladders.

Well, hope that’s enticing for you, Readers, this short Thanksgiving week. Have a great holiday, Thursday!

I’ll be rooting for you.