See What Employee Paychecks Look like at Thousands of Top Companies

Some people start their job search by looking for their next employer first. They’ll create a list of companies they’re most interested in and then research and explore opportunities within that universe. Sometimes, you just wanna work at Facebook, or the NBA, or Disney, or…

So we’ve added ” Companies ” to help you understand more about paychecks at your favorite companies. We’re providing you with company data on jobs, salaries, and a bunch of social information. Probably the coolest thing about it is that with over 10 years of historical data from your fellow subscribers, we’ve got a pretty good idea about what you can expect various positions to pay.

You can find ” Companies ” along the top bar of the website:

And for a typical company, say,  Apple, here’s what you’ll see.

To see our secret knowledge on the companies and paychecks you care about most, go check out our  Companies  page now.

I’m rooting for you.