We fixed what you hate about job applications

It was the biggest complaint in our most recent survey (by a long, long way): 

“I hate having to fill out the same questions, on the same forms, across dozens of company career sites. It’s a waste of time!” 

Some companies have adopted Ladders EasyApply for their applications, but not enough of them. 

So we’ve launched Apply4Me, which you’ve seen on the site this past week, to do the tedious, repetitive work for you.

It’s very easy. You answer the 17 most common questions we’ve found on corporate applications. After that, click Apply4Me on any job on Ladders and we’ll complete the application for you. 

That’s right — no more endless retyping and copy-pasting. No more drudgery. No more 25-minutes of frustration with ancient and annoying corporate career sites. 

No more feeling like you’ve already started working for them — and hate it. 

We’ll do it for you. 

We’ll do it with a combination of people manually reviewing each application; and with technology, to make sure we’re doing the best job we can for you, as efficiently as possible. 

This allows you to spend more time on the important parts of your job search — the talking, networking, and interviewing parts — or more time with your family on the weekends, instead of being stuck in your den with the laptop! 

So visit the jobs page today, click “Apply4Me” and let us do the tough stuff for you. 

While you enjoy a well-earned rest.