❶ Train our robot + ❷ It’ll fetch jobs = ❸ Less work for you

Remember watching the Jetsons and thinking how robots were going to make your future cool?

Yeah, so did we.

Use our easy robots to do your work in the job search and you’ll find out when Spacely Space Sprockets, Cogswell Cosmic Cogs or over 60,000 real employers on Ladders are hiring:

1) Train our robot on what you want in a job here: your job preferences.

2) It’ll fetch jobs based on your preferences and send them to you. (If you want even more control you can also create your own, very specific, keywords searches and save them here on the jobs page ).

3) Seriously, if you want a lot less work and stress in your job search, we’ve made these robots for you.  Take advantage of them, they won’t mind!

And if you ever need to say “Jane, stop this crazy thing!”, you can just go here and here to turn them off.

p.s. The next best thing is to tell us about your most recent promotion and achievements at work here on the career history page.