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These are the ‘weirdest’ professions in each state

Professions like duck master, gum buster and face feeler seem made up, but they are real. There might be openings for unconventional work in your state now.

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6 best cities around the U.S. to kickstart (or restart!) your career

To help you launch your new career, we’ve gathered a list of the best U.S. cities where starting a career is MUCH easier than in other places.


These are the hardest tech roles to fill at work

Technology leaders were asked what positions were the hardest for them to fill and data security professionals were listed as in highest demand.


If you love brainteasers during job interviews, you’re likely a sadist

Brainteaser questions ultimately may reveal more about what is going on in the hiring manager's brain more than the job candidate's.


Survey: Execs think 47% of their best talent will quit ‘within 2 years of hire’

"The diversity problem in talent management feels like it's worse than ever ... At the same time, we know that the quality ... available today is unmatched."


This former Google and Facebook exec expects job candidates to negotiate their offer

Libby Leffler, the VP of membership at SoFi, expects candidates to negotiate their job offer because it shows how they'll behave once they get hired.


The 9-to-5 workday doesn’t work for everyone (and how to create a life of total freedom)

People are choosing to make a living on their own terms. Modern employees don’t just want a 9-to-5 schedule and a paycheck.

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10 tweaks to your morning routine that will transform your entire day

"The Nottingham research has led me to uncover ways we can break bad habits in the morning and maximize our energy and self-control throughout the day."

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Survey: Hearing about layoffs would make 44% of Americans look elsewhere

"The good news is that this and the top frustrations that job seekers have with the recruitment process can all be improved by any employer of any size."

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Five wholesale club shopping strategies that may help with your job search

Experts say there can be “takeaways” from a shopping club that can be used in a job search. Here are some points to help you score some deals.

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How to negotiate a job offer during the interview

It's an all-too-common negotiation challenge: How to handle the mid-interview salary question. It’s such a sticky sitch!


ACLU says Facebook allowed employers to post job ads that excluded women

The ACLU complaint argues that Facebook is not just a middleman for jobs, but acts as an employment agency and is therefore liable.

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How to ‘sell yourself’ in an interview without being an egomaniac

There's a fine line between under- and over-selling yourself to a potential employer and kill your chances of being considered for the job.

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This is how to answer ‘why should we hire you?’ (according to experts)

Directly tackling one of, by far, the most popular interview questions that comes up for a potential new hire and how you should be answering it.

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6 cover letter mistakes that might be ruining your career

With your cover letter, you are basically selling yourself. Having one that’s impressive is not an easy task to pull but most certainly worth it.

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3 ways to stay calm when you’re anxious about a big career opportunity

You truly deserve the new opportunity that's coming your way, but how you feel won't change until you actually start believing it.

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11 bad and outdated job-hunting tips you should stop believing

There are job search tips that you might still receive that are just ... bad. Some tips are simply outdated and need to be ignored.


Survey: 10% of Americans say they’ve ‘had their phone out’ during a job interview

While in the office, 25% of respondents admit they check their phone at least once every hour and 20% check every 20 minutes.


3 ways to test your startup idea before investing money

Here are three simple steps to help you determine if there’s demand for your startup, before investing the time and money.


5 new books I’m reading to boost my career and life this fall

From Maxie McCoy to Brene Brown (and some are delightful new finds), I hope you’ll join me as I devour these books, page-by-page.


Sick of your job? These companies will pay you to quit

The quit incentive sounds counterintuitive but it demonstrates that these companies are prioritizing commitment to the job over mindless output.

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What to do when you’re fired: The 10-point plan

If you find yourself fired from your own loved or loathed job, here are 10 things you probably should do according to experts.

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13 online career courses you can do from the comfort of home

Here are 13 online career courses that may help get you on your way to more success while working remotely or from home.


13 things successful people do in the first 3 months at a new job

A key way to lay the groundwork for a successful run in your new job is by establishing achievable goals and social ties throughout the office.


Working for a company vs. working for yourself

There are major perks and downsides to both.