Today marks the highlight of my life

In the middle of watching wingsuit videos the other day, the athlete shared a startling bolt of wisdom from the blue:

“Today marks the highlight of my life,” he says as he readies his climb over a railing 10,000 feet up.

“Moments like this are why I live, why I feel like I’m on this planet.”

“When a Man is tired of Wingsuit Videos, he is tired of Life…” joked James Fallows, paraphrasing Samuel Johnson’s famous quip about London.

True: wingsuit videos and full-screen mode thrill in a way that transports you to a magical feeling.

The athlete in this video, Marshall Miller, focused on his goal for a decade, which leads me to ask:

“What’s your goal?”

What day off in the future are you preparing for? When will you be able to say “today marks the best day of my life”?

If you could describe it, what would that day be? What would you be doing? How would you feel about achieving it?

And then ask yourself: what does it take to get there? What are all the steps I’d have to follow to proceed from where I am today to this best day? What kinds of obstacles would I have to overcome? What challenges would I face?

And then: why don’t I do that? Why don’t I get started today?

Because, having given career advice for almost two decades, the most effective advice I ever give is “why don’t you go do that?” when someone tells me their dreams.

And then “no, that’s not really a problem, you can figure it out and overcome it,” when I ask what would prevent them from achieving that dream. (If you don’t believe that, then read my story last year on the one-armed man who became a world champion kickboxer.)

You have it within you to have the highlight of your life in the decade ahead. Will you start, today, on achieving it, on jumping from the mountaintop, on flying through space and time to your future best day ever?

I know you’ll be able to say, sooner than you think:

“Moments like this are why I live, why I feel like I’m on this planet.”

I’m rooting for you!