This tool grades your resume in 35 seconds or less

Our free resume reviewer gives you feedback on your resume in 35 seconds or less. This tool has been one of our most popular features on Ladders, and we’ve just completed a major upgrade, so please get feedback on your resume today.

We provide you with actionable feedback that makes it easy to improve the quality of the resume you’re using right now.

Our free resume reviewer shows you step by step how to update your resume. Feedback (left) is highlighted on your actual resume (right).

Making each section of your resume effective is important.

The reviewer is based on our 15+ years of experience helping professionals like you succeed in the search. It reviews your resume for specific problem areas such as missing dates, poorly written accomplishments, an unstructured professional summary, and provides other helpful tips. And it helps you update your resume, easily and quickly, to make a more effective, persuasive case to your future boss.

Your resume has four audiences to please

Using our resume reviewer helps you understand how to make your resume more effective for the four audiences that will review it.

As pointed out in my bestselling Ladders Resume Guide, these four audiences determine whether or not you make it to the next step.

There’s a 23-year-old screener, with a couple years experience in HR, who makes a first pass through resumes to determine if basic qualifications are met. There’s a recruiter, who is either an outside search consultant, or an internal HR employee, who reviews the screened resumes to assemble a shorter list for the boss. There’s the hiring manager herself – while she is the decision maker with regard to the hire, it’s best to think of her as a client of the recruiting process. And finally, sitting alongside the entire workflow is the company’s HR computer system, called an applicant tracking system – understanding how the world’s computers read and relay your resume significantly reduces your chance of making mistakes.

Each of these audiences has specific things they’re looking for on a resume, and the Ladders Resume Reviewer helps you satisfy them all.

Good luck with everything in your career, this week!