This is the number of people who are embarrassed to go to work after the office holiday party

It’s that time of year again and I don’t mean a time of gratitude and reflection.

I mean it’s the office holiday party season. Though office holiday celebrations may have started off quaint and modest (think Fezziwig’s office party in A Christmas Carol though old Fezziwigg definitely had a few) over the years they have developed into absolute debauchery as we have seen in film and television depictions such as The Office, Mad Men, Arrested Development and of course the film Office Christmas Party.

But unlike characters in these movies and shows, you aren’t fictional and actually have to go to work with your colleagues and boss the next day.

But you aren’t alone if you have maybe had a few too many drinks at the office holiday party, said something inappropriate, danced a little too freely, made out in the coat closet with a coworker or even ended up in jail!

FourLoko surveyed 2,000 workers to see how people really behave at the party and also to see how they feel about this annual event. Some of the statistics may surprise you … or maybe not.

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