These are the top jobs if you want to travel all the time in 2020

Who doesn’t like to travel? It has literally become the currency for Millennials via social media. In fact, Contiki, a social travel company for those in the 18 to 35 age demographic, decided to look into the matter and found that they are willing to give up quite a lot including coffee., Netflix and carbs.

Another recent survey commissioned by Hilton Hotels & Resorts found that travel and discovering new things is many Millennials favorite past time.

In fact, 75% of young professionals in the U.S. see business travel as a major work perk and 65% consider it to be a status symbol. Nearly 40% of Millennials go so far as to say they wouldn’t take a job that didn’t allow them to travel for business and 56% create reasons to travel for business.

Traveling for work is no longer the hassle it once was. Some people covet jobs that require travel. According to a new study by  La Quinta by Wyndham nearly two-thirds (64%) of business travelers who have extended a trip have done so secretly for personal vacation without telling anyone, including their coworkers (32%), boss (26%) and even their own partner (22%.) On average, business travelers extended a trip for three days, with 42% of business travelers extending three to five days.

So with Americans getting only 10 days on average for vacation it is no wonder many of them would pursue a career path that included a lot of travel? And even when they are traveling, half the time they don’t even really check out of the office. A new survey from LinkedIn found that 53% of professionals don’t fully disconnect while out of the office during the holidays. So if you are going to be working anyway on your trip why not at least find a job that pays you for it?

So what industries require the most travel?  Airbnb for Work put together the latest data on this to determine the top job fields for travel.

And luckily all of these fields have jobs available on Ladders. For example, ALTOUR is seeking an experienced Leisure Travel Consultant to assess the client’s needs to provide travel options that meet their expectations. This person will be expected to research destinations, hotels, cruises, airfare options, site seeing, and additional trip information to best meet the client’s needs and expectations.

  1. Education Management/Higher Education
  2. Technology including computer software, information technology, and internet
  3. Financial Services
  4. Management Consulting
  5. Electronics Manufacturing
  6. Hospital & Health Care
  7. Construction
  8. Leisure, Travel & Tourism
  9. Automotive Industry
  10. Oil & Energy
  11. Insurance
  12. Non-Profit Organization Management