Television Ad Campaign – Featuring Reader Success Stories…

Hi, folks — this e-mail comes to you from Los Angeles, California, where we’re shooting our first TV commercial.

This is great for us and great for you, our 213,000 Readers. TV will help us get the word out all the way across this great big country of ours. And that means even more employers and recruiters sending great $100K – $500K jobs our way!

Of course, we can’t do this without you, Readers. And I really mean that.

We decided that we didn’t want to have paid actors giving stock testimonials for our commercial. It’s just not way!

That’s because we’re about real people and real jobs.

So we invited actual subscribers and recruiters to come appear in our ad — and boy, did you all come!

We spent the day today with some extraordinary people who are fulfilling the promise of — connecting great, high-end professionals with amazing high-end jobs. We heard your stories, we’ve put them on film, and we’ll be sharing them with your fellow citizens throughout 2005.

So, many thanks indeed to the folks who very graciously took the time to come from all over the country to tell their stories about how they’re using to make a better life for themselves and their families:

Ray Montalvo
Stan Weitzman (accepted his job this fall!)
Lisa Morris
Rob Yellam (got 4 job offers at the $100K+ level this week!)
Dan Gielan
Patti Ahern (got her job offer in Dallas, Texas on Friday! After six short weeks with us! What a star!)
Paula Resley
Mark Fehrenbach

And wouldn’t be the great place for $100K+ jobs that it is today without our fantastic recruiters! Many thanks to our recruiter friends who flew in today to explain why is the place to send your $100K+ jobs:

Jennifer Kohr
Concur Technologies
(Concur is the “undisputed world leader in proven solutions for streamlining travel and entertainment expense reports.” And they are always looking to hire more great salespeople!)

Steve Kendall
Management Recruiters International, Atlanta West
(Steve is a great guy, a loyal friend of, and, I just found out today, the inventor of the game of Air Hockey when he was at Brunswick! Thanks for the jobs and thanks for the many delightful hours I’ve beaten my brothers at Air Hockey, Steve!)

Readers, recruiters, friends: it’s you who’ve made this a great year for all of us in community! We really appreciate your support, your product suggestions, your time and your belief in us. Thanks for all of your help in our mission to make the $100K+ job hunt efficient, rewarding, and (most of all) short!