The thing I like best about it is…

When we launched Apply4Me two weeks ago, we hoped the feature would make you happy because it is so easy: 

– You answer 17 questions one time

– You tap ‘Apply4Me’ on jobs you want

– We complete your applications for you

We did a survey last week. And it turns out you love Apply4Me!  

Here are 100 verbatim responses from users like you regarding why they love Apply4Me:

“Speeds up job search”

“Ease and speed of submitting an application.”

“One click application is great”

“One stop shop for applications!”

“Eliminate mind-numbing duplication of effort”

“This unlocks the true value of the expense of the subscription to The Ladders.  With this feature, the value proposition has completely changed.  I LOVE Apply4Me!!”

“Ease of applying and feeling like I have support.”

“It makes applying much easier and saves having to re-enter work history 400x”

“It is a huge time savings”

“How easy it was – one of the most painful aspects of applying for jobs is filling out all the stupid fields, over and over again…this feature is worth the Ladders monthly fee all by itself.”

“It was really easy”

“Does the work for you”

“Saving me an average of 15 minutes so I can keep moving during the search process”

“I despise having to create an “account” that I will probably never use again and spending time applying to a job that may have 100 others applying at same time.”

“When I hit the Apply4Me button I get a notification and I also get a notification of when the application was completed!!  Awesome Job..  Receiving a notification of when my resume was reviewed would be awesome!!”

“I don’t have to deal with Applicant Tracking systems”

“It eliminates the headache of registering on a bunch of different sits to apply.  It also makes job searching and  application easier.”

“It now takes me minutes to apply for a position whereas previously it could take 45-60 minutes”

“Having the EEOC questions stored.”

“Greatly simplifies the application process”

“It save a lot of time”

“Takes care of ADA and EEOC required info gathering which can be tedious and repetitive”

“Oh my gosh–this is a game changer! Apply4Me offloads the mind-numbing drudgery of typing in the same information over and over, and signing in to every company career website, creating another new password and creating another profile you will never use again, etc. This is the first step to make the battle between potential hires and terrible ATS a more evenly balanced battleground (and how sad is it that it is a battleground in the first place?). It’s GREAT!”

“You don’t retype the same information over and over”

“It makes it simple as each job site has different requirements”

“Do the repetitive work”

“I dont have to type in the same information on many websites every time I apply to another company”

“Automate responses for EOO forms, etc”

“I didn’t have to re-type everything and could do it from my mobile device.”

“It is easy than filling out the forms on the employer website under the career section”

“it takes a ton of time to apply for these jobs when Apply4me it is just a click of the button saving tons of time!”

“It takes care of all of the mundane work required to apply for a position through an HR portal.”

“The feedback. It provides status updates after it has applied to a job, which is great.”

“That I don’t have to type my information every time I apply for a position.”

“The ease of applying. Most applications are repetitious and cumbersome, this makes it easier to apply to a volume of positions.”

“Ability to use a stored resume to apply to multiple jobs.”

“The ease – the standard application process it antiquated (at best)”

“It is very fast to use and makes the application process easier.”

“I don’t have to spend the time to apply on each company site.”

“The ease of rapidly applying for multiple jobs.”

“I can quickly apply to postings without re-keying in my information”

“No need to create login accounts in all the job portals”

“It just makes things way more easy”

“it simplifies the process.  we’ve spent the time compiling our profiles – this component makes the application process so clean and simple.”

“saves a bunch of time answering the same questions.”

“Apply4Me appears to work to save me time so I can focus more on the job market and focus less on the administrative process.”

“no need to do repeated requests”

“I liked that it skipped all the constant adding of the same details in an application”

“That it applies to the job with a click”

“Saved me time and potential hassle”


“That it helps me apply without entering the same data over and over.”


“It took away the waste of answering redundant questions on every application and saved me time.”

“Takes the pain out of applying. The application process is such a repetitive data entry task. Its about time someone automated it.”

“Saves time!”

“Saves time it takes to apply for a job which is very time consuming and allows for applying to more opportunities”

“It takes less time to apply for a position”

“It was quick and easy”

“It makes the online application process must easier and faster”

“Being able to apply for jobs quickly with all my information already in the system”

“Simplicity, no hassle.”

“Able to apply for more jobs and not waste time with lengthy applications”

“1 click”

“Saving me significant time”

“Fast and efficient application process.”

“It makes it easy, especially with a tablet or smart device. “

“Only entering info once (for the most part) and one click apply – game changer”

“Applying ease”

“How easy it was compared to Workday’s repetitive questionnaire”

“It is faster for me to apply for positions since the applications are asking for information that is on my resume.”

“It truly is a one step process, regardless of the job posting company.”


“It makes the application process easy and quick.”

“Don’t have to waste time applying through difficult processes”

“Reduce application monotony”

“Saves time.”

“Eliminates the repetitiveness of entering the same data for each opportunity”

“It hopefully adds the right spin to a diluted process”

“The direct link to my email address for updates from the prospective employer.”

“Ease of applying and not having to leave the ladders site to apply”

“takes the hours loss in completing online applications. It has been frustrating spends so much time on incredibly like formats!  thank you”

“It gives me time back in my day wherein I need not focus on the monotony of filling out applications for potential employers that may, or may not, contact me.”

“The application is done while I look for other positions”

“It eliminated much of the work and was accurate!”

“Elimination of redundant data entry”

“Ease and simplicity of starting an application”

“It handled all the basic questions every company is asking”

“It speeds up the process.”

“Applying for positions without filling out all information over and over.  Less time applying”

“It was very easy to use, I was a nervous little  that it actually work, of course it did but I sure at first :o)”

“I don’t have to re-enter the repetitive data, that each site thinks it requires.”

“You answer the questions once and they are known; saves time on future applications.”

“It streamlined my application process, and I didn’t have to go through individual websites, and register and fill in information to be considered as an applicant.”

“It has all the important information that is needed for applying for jobs; and helps me apply for a new career faster.”

“After making sure all my info was up to date, I simply clicked on it and my application was submitted.”

“Saved time and frustration”

“It greatly simplifies the redundant aspect of applications”

“Quicker to apply and removing the repetitive steps in trying times”

“It is user-friendly”

“I don’t have to fill out the same info over and over again”

Well, thank you again, Readers for such gratifying feedback.

And here are your top three suggestions for improving Apply4Me:

“Dashboard to keep up with applications”

“allow for a personalized cover letter”

“Auto apply based on set parameters”

The team here is going to get to work on these and keep making Apply4Me a better place to get ahead in your career.