The 3 most motivating words: Just keep going

Throughout my career, any time I face trauma, adversity or fail, I say to myself “just keep going”. Those three words have become a mantra in my life and my way of persevering despite hardships.

When you’ve been through so many struggles, you’re prepared to handle future ones. After countless rejections from selling my services, from publishers, and even from dating, I only give myself one option, to just keep going. Life is hard and we will all encounter setbacks, but if we can just look forward, we can continue to pursue our dreams.

When your girlfriend dumps you, just keep going. When you fail an exam, just keep going. When a family member or friend dies, just keep going. When you get laid off, just keep going. Now, you may believe it’s easier said than done and that you need a grieving period or time alone. I totally understand and empathize with you, but you need to push through and keep going. Life is too short to let anything stop you from living it.

A powerful example of the “just keep going” mentality in action was when a major publisher rejected my last book. I felt defeated and depressed for a few days, but then I said to myself “just keep going” and went out with the proposal to other publishers. It would have been much easier to quit after the rejection, but sometimes the easy way isn’t the best way.

If you just keep going, then eventually things will work out in your favor, but you need to have the belief that they will. We aren’t entitled to anything, and many things are out of our control. What we can control is our effort, our imagination and the will to keep going.

So next time you fail or you’re frustrated, remember to just keep going. Nothing or no one can hold you back from moving forward except yourself. When I just keep going, I get past the bad and onto potential good. Just keep going because you have a reason to life and a world to impact!

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