Thank you.

Good Monday morning,

I’m giving thanks this week for you, Readers.

We asked for your input in our annual Ladders Member Survey, and really appreciated the thousands of responses and ideas we received.  Your feedback is incredibly helpful to us in building a better Ladders, and your suggestions for improvement were very welcome.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite Member responses (in bold) in answer to the question:

If I could add one feature to Ladders, it would be…

“Feature that would allow me to connect with someone at a potential employer, but not in an interview format.”  I thought this was a very interesting suggestion — to create a means for a more structured informational interview, perhaps.  Great idea.

“Get feedback on resume / profile.”  We do have an automated resume reviewer, but I think this Member was looking for a more human interaction. It’s an interesting thought and perhaps we could do something in peer-to-peer review.

 “Filter jobs that require or prefer an advanced degree.”  A terrific idea. We’ll have to dig deeper to see how reliably we can extract that information from job listings.  It’s interesting to note that 45% of Ladders’ Members have advanced degrees, so this could indeed be helpful. 

“Ability to see recruiters who looked at my profile.” We already have this ability here on your notifications page. You can see all your notifications, or simply select ‘Recruiters’ to narrow it to recruiter views.

“Platform to connect with other Ladders Users.”  We’ve been looking at this for a while now, and think we’ll prioritize this for development in the coming year.

“Application tracker.” We have a simple one on your Applied Jobs page. The several comments that suggested this seem to want something more robust. An idea worth exploring.

“Ladders being more actively involved in views and contacts from recruiters to their possible targets.”  A good reminder and encouragement for us to always make Ladders even more open and transparent for our Members.

“Connect to recruiters.”  The two best ways to connect with recruiters today are to keep your resume and your profile up to date. Coming shortly, we’ll have improved recruiter / HR manager profiles for even better connections.

“Include telecommute / remote filters.”  We already have this feature in the left-hand rail for job search and in your job preferences.

“To possibly curb the total number of incoming emails. If people could choose or manage what type of topics they receive from Ladders. Possibly a menu that can be updated and altered from time to time.” Fair enough, we do have an email preferences center here, where you can turn on and off all of the emails, as you wish.

“Recruiters search candidate listings.”   We have several million professional resumes from our Members that we make available to recruiters.  We’ve screened over 200,000 recruiters who have registered for access and there are tens of thousands active each month. The best way to keep your information in front of them is to keep your resume and your profile up to date.

“Preferred resume format by top companies.” I’ve written High Score Resume Format for precisely this purpose, and we have resume templates and resume examples for dozens of fields.

“That’s your job not mine.”  LOL, well, exactly, it is our job, not yours.  And we’ll keep doing better every year for you, Readers!

Thank you so much for your terrific feedback and input, folks!  I’ll make sure we put it to good use right away.

Have a great Thanksgiving with your families!