Take the week off with Christmas Bono

Take this week off from the job search.

While I’ll encourage you to make the most of August, get the jump on the other guy in December, and use the summer slowdown to your advantage, there are times when even fervent job geeks like me will advise you to take a load off and skip the job hunt.

This week is one of them.

Whatever your denomination, this week is for family, festivities, philosophy and fresh thinking for a fresh new year.

So I thought the most ecumenical of approaches would be to share these videos of Christmas Bonos. And I’ll leave a pair of presents under your tree:

The Young Bono singing “Baby Please Come Home”:

And the Old Bono singing “I Believe In Father Christmas”:

Have a wonderful week, Readers! Happy Holidays!

I’m taking the week off, but will be rooting for you again next week!