Take Charge of The Interview

Old Man Winter showed up here in force this weekend in Manhattan, folks. He threw rain, wind and even a fair helping of sleet at your intrepid staff of job-mongers here at Ladders.com.

But it was to no avail. We’re publishing a record batch of 3,503 all-new jobs this week across all of our newsletters. That spells plenty of opportunity for all of you out there, so let’s get cracking!


All together, Ladders is now mailing out over 13,000 new jobs each month to our 190,000 subscribers.

I started Ladders.com just about a year and a half ago with one real clear idea in mind: let’s get $100K+ people out of the business of hunting and pecking and googling through internet web pages, and let’s get them piped right into the hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and executive search people they should be talking to, schmoozing, and networking.

I’m terribly gratified by the results we’ve shown show far, and the confidence that you all have placed in us.

You know that being unemployed or underemployed, for any longer than you have to be, is the most expensive mistake you’ll ever make.

If you’re a $250,000 VP Sales, every month on the sidelines is costing you $20,000. That’s a heck of an opportunity cost.

Heck, each ‘day’ is costing you over $600.

That’s why you know it’s smart to be here.

And while our goal is to make your job hunt weeks, or even better, months shorter, Ladders.com pays for itself when we get you an offer even ONE DAY sooner!

And when you have multiple offers on the table, it gets just that much easier to make the right choice, and make the right choice pay. Big time.

So thanks again for your support in our mission to bring you more high-quality $100K+ jobs than anybody’s ever done before.

Please drop me a line with your thoughts on what we can do EVEN BETTER at marc@salesladder.com !

And just to remind you that all transitions come to an end, even yours, here’s a sampling of jobs that Ladders.com premium subscribers told us they accepted last week, just exactly as they typed them, typos and all:

Account Executive $90/200k
Area Business Manager $110k
Brand Manager above $100k
Business Analyst $200k
Business Manager $130k
Category Manager $120k
CFO $250k
Corporate Safety, Health & Environmental Manager $120k
+ bonus + vehicle
Dir. Automotive Fixed Income Research $95k
+ bonus
Director $125k
Director $117k
Director $140k
Director Business Development $120k
+ bonus
Director of Product Management $156k
Director of Sales $100k
+ 300k at plan
Director Systems Development $120k
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis $130k
Director, PR (Major Financial Instit.) $100k+
Enterprise Sales Executive $155k
EVP Sales OTE $450k
Loan Officer $60k?125k
Marketing Manager $75k
New Business Development/
Production Manager
+ Commission
Principal Engineer $100k
Regional Sales Manager $100k+
Sales Manager $120k
Senior Counsel $77k
Senior Executive Director $150k+
Senior Program Manager $110k
Senior Project Manager $100K+
Sr. Oncology Sales Rep 97.5k
+ comission
Vice President $100k+
Vice President of Sales $250k
VP Controller $250k+
VP Marketing & Training $120k+
VP of Marketing $165k+
VP of Sales $160k
VP-Sales $200k+