Take a Job and Make Our Recruiters Sing!

Why do recruiters love to hire candidates from Ladders.com? And what more can we, that’s you and me, Readers what more can we do together make them even happier? Read on, and I’ll let you know how you can help make our recruiters sing this week.

I like talking to $100K+ recruiters, folks, so I flew out to sunny San Diego for ERExpo this week. ERExpo is a big convention for the people we love recruiters, mostly from companies, but also some executive search consultants too.

(Now I used to live in lovely La Jolla, and I make sure to stop by Rubio’s for a fish taco, or three, as soon as I land. If any of you know Mr. Rubio, let him know he has all the market interest he needs right here in Manhattan for his first East Coast Rubio’s!)

And we got to talking with some of these great companies in attendance like Wells Fargo, Starbucks, and Microsoft.

They can’t stand the garbage they get off of Craigslist, or HotJobs.com, or any of the other “free” job boards, when they post their high-end jobs.

To understand their dilemma, think of it this way: when you have something everybody wants (like a $100K+ job), and it’s free to apply, what do you think happens? Does the internet population use it wisely and in moderation, or do they abuse it?

Of course they abuse it.

So these top flight recruiters get piles of resumes from dishwashers, truck drivers, and folks from East Nowhere. They have great $100K+ jobs to fill, but not much time, so they’ve learned to skip posting them on the free boards to avoid the dreck.

And that, my dear Readers, is why they love posting their $100K+ jobs with Ladders.com:


  • A high quality population of the nation’s top talent: 318,217 subscribers today!
  • Targeted response from people with experience actually relevant to the job.
  • It’s always free for recruiters to send us their jobs, no posting fee, no success fee, no cost at all. We don?t accept money from hiring firms and recruiters. That way, we make sure that we don’t miss a single job that might be out there waiting for you, dear Readers.


And you know what? That’s why they keep writing in to sing your praises, folks. They really love you! Heres a selection from the mailbag just this week:

“Hi: I just wanted to let you know that I’m getting some fabulous people in from my advertising with you. Thanks a lot. – I’m very impressed I’ll be sending more jobs your way this week. Cheers
Christine Bell
IT Intellect, Inc.”

We love it!

“Many thanks… You and your team have come up with a very value added job posting board for recruiters and the candidates we identify from your board are top notch. Regards,
Clark Wilcox,
Branford, CT”


“I saw the spot and have seen the commercials- Your group is awesome. Many thanks for making mine, and all the other recruiters out there, lives a whole lot easier! Great Job

You are so very welcome, Jeanne!

Dear Marc, I’m the President and CEO of Ladders.com, and I?m using MktgLadder to fill our newly created head of brand marketing role. The response has been really terrific, I don?t know where else we could’ve found such stars! The product works!
Regards / Me

OK, that last one is something I just wrote up, but it is true. We’re having tremendous luck hiring for our own team through Ladders.com, so you can rest assured we do eat our own cooking!

So, now, you know what we, that’s me and you, Readers you know what we can do to make our recruiter friends even happier, Readers?

Take one of their fantastic jobs!

There are more than 4,000 new jobs this week. That’s a whole heaping lot of recruiters we can make sing our praises this week. So cue the music and let’s get going on these jobs!