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The 2017 college graduates will be the best-paid in history, survey says

For college grads in professional fields, it's never been better.


4 things this famous little girl can teach adults about a strong work ethic

Never never never give up, even if you're three years old.


‘Designated Survivor’ star Maggie Q talks to us about not living your life for compliments

"I love naysayers, I love when people doubt you, I love when people don’t think you’re good, because I think that they add to a very healthy balance."


The majority of Americans believe you can get a good job without a college degree

But you really can't.


How to find the silence you need to focus at work

The missing ingredient for focus is also one of the easiest to obtain.

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8 things that set truly confident people apart

It’s time to remove any lingering self-doubt. Here's how to be more confident.

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6 things you don’t owe your boss

We need to establish boundaries between our personal and professional lives.

Science of Work

Take a page out of Steve Jobs’ book and switch to walking meetings

You'll understand each other better if you don't have to look at each other.

Office Life

Oh, the meetings you’ll go to! A dark, new Dr. Seuss parody takes on the modern office

A new parody of Dr. Seuss's 'Oh the Places You'll Go' is bringing some cynicism about the workplace to the graduating class of 2017.

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Why you shouldn’t worry about being likable at work

Focus on productivity, collaboration and meaningful work instead.

the whole human

5 choices you will regret forever

This is what people regret most at the end of their lives.

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To be successful, just admit ‘I don’t know’

The first step to being successful is admitting you're not perfect.

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3 ways to dodge workplace B.S.

'Get that resume updated.'

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10 habits of super likeable leaders

Here are some strategies to improve your leadership skills.

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How I learned to embrace criticism and become my best self

Self awareness helped me change my behaviors and connect with others.

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How to blow your boss’s mind

The trick to advancing your career is to add value.


United CEO Oscar Munoz gets grilled about employee policies

The United CEO was questioned by Congress about how the airline's policies overwhelmed good judgment.

Pop Culture

Movie star Alan Cumming’s secret to work success: ‘Smother people with kindness’

"There is no situation in life that won't go better for you with kindness."


Laszlo Bock, Google’s work guru, starts new company that may be a ‘LinkedIn killer’

Is this the 'LinkedIn killer' of myth and lore?

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7 things the U.S. women’s hockey team can teach us about winning equal pay

The U.S. women's hockey team's rally for fair pay offers valuable lessons for all working women.

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NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs show superstitions are linked to success

We are in the midst of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and hockey newbies like me are catching up on decades of rivalries, but as I learn about what a puck going where means, I also need to educate myself on the equally important rituals.

Pop Culture

New Heineken commercial goes viral with examples of working out conflicts

We live in polarizing times, but we can resolve our conflicts.

Office Culture

How do you socialize with coworkers if you can’t drink?

Being sober won't hold you back.

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Please stop saying these ridiculous buzzwords at work

These phrases may make you feel clever — but they also annoy people.

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5 things referees can teach us about being hated at work

You can't possibly be hated as much as referees. Here's what you can learn.