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Men talk 92% of the time on conference calls

“One could surmise that male executives (on conference calls) are more prone to speaking simply to hear themselves speak.”


Women in STEM more likely to drop out if they are only female in class

"Women pioneers were not only more likely not to finish their [STEM] degree in time, but they were also more likely not to get it at all."


How the language in letters of recommendation can hold women back

"It's a reminder of how bias can creep into language with even well-intentioned efforts and can still cause lasting harm to careers."


Emerging leader spotlight: Bank of America’s Lisa Bogart

This month we shine the Emerging Leader Spotlight on Lisa Bogart, Business Solutions Technology Manager with Bank of America.


7 female CEOs share advice on how to surround yourself with supportive women

Whether it’s a working mom creating a revolutionary hands-free breast pump, a strong founder leading the #MeToo movement, or a woman working to change access to much-needed feminine products, the camaraderie and support of other females make a huge difference in the success of many amazing ideas and companies.

Gender at Work

No more ‘leaning in’ – the neoliberal myth of the superhero businesswoman holds us all back

To build a future in which a businesswoman can have the freedom to achieve full potential, we need a better understanding of why they are lagging behind.


Career lessons from the US Open’s heated women’s final

To some fans, the inconsistent application of tennis rules against Serena Williams was a sexist double standard they also had witnessed in their workplaces.

Office Life

How to respectfully use gender neutral pronouns in the office

In the office, you may encounter new gender identities and expressions that do not fit into the boxes of "she" and "he."

Office Life

Why women at work become ‘intentionally invisible’

You have to speak up and get noticed to get ahead, but some women at work are intentionally opting out in a strategy known as "intentional invisibility."


Survey: This city has the most employees who think they aren’t paid enough

New research from global staffing firm Robert Half shows that this American city with the most employees who think they are "underpaid" at work.

How To

The definitive guide to survive breast pumping at work

I talked to other moms and did some cyber searches until I had a breast pumping plan in place that made me feel slightly better about my situation.

Office Life

Confidence in the workplace: Examining the ‘confidence gap’

We are often told to have more confidence in ourselves, but what does confidence mean in today’s workplace and does it actually pay to be ‘confident’?

How To

17 women share what it takes to land the job, grow a paycheck, and get ahead in your career

Regular women across different industries and levels contributed and responses ranged from the practical to the psychological.


Survey: This is the best state for women’s equality

New research from WalletHub shows that the best state for women's rights this year is New York, which racked up a "total score" of 68.66.


Study: Women balance supporting their partners with demanding work better than men

Being present and supportive to your partner after a terrible, hard day at work is not easy for anyone, but a new study suggests that women may be better at stopping work demands from hurting their relationships with their partners.


Stephen Colbert explains ‘extraordinary’ steps he took to get a diverse staff

Simply saying that you want a diverse staff is sometimes not enough to get you one. Just ask Late Show host Stephen Colbert.


Study: 20 jobs where the number of women has skyrocketed

Recent data compiled by the site 24/7 Wall St.

Personal Finance

Is impostor syndrome costing you money?

Impostor syndrome isn't just an annoying feeling making us doubt ourselves — it has far-reaching implications and could be impacting your career.


Nike gets accused of ‘hostile’ culture to women in new suit

Four ex-Nike employees said they endured a "hostile" work culture and were paid less than their male peers, according to a new lawsuit.


New study shows why Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ is not enough

An unintended side effect of the "lean in" message is it helped people believe women are responsible for causing and fixing the problems they face at work.

Sexual Harrassment

#MeToo movement finds an unlikely champion in Wall Street with the new ‘Weinstein clause’

If you were worried that the #MeToo movement might fade away, fear not. It has been carved into one of the most immovable objects in human history.


Japanese medical school admits to manipulating test scores to exclude women

Tokyo Medical University apologized after admitting it had manipulated entrance exam scores for over a decade to limit the number of female students.


Survey: 42% of women think they make 10-20% less than male coworkers with comparable jobs

A survey shows that 42% of women think they earn 10-20% less than males and 42% agree the "pay gap" is the most significant problem women deal with at work.


4 companies that tailor to female entrepreneurs

Potential entrepreneurs: If you’re thinking about going out on a limb or advancing your career, it’s worth an email to these powerful movers-and-shakers.

Salary Negotiation

3 steps you can’t afford to miss when determining how much you ‘should’ be making

Start closing the gap by negotiating your own salary or freelance rates to ensure you're standing up for what you are worth.