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Researchers find that good grades are bad for female job seekers

According to new research, the better the grades a female student gets, the less likely she is to land a job interview. One would assume it's the opposite — and it is ... for men.

Gender at work

5 things women leaders should stop doing. TODAY.

If you desire to be your best professional self and make the difference only you can make, here are five things you should stop doing. Today.


From supermodel to super role model: Karlie Kloss’s effort to get more women in tech

We are constantly told there are not enough women pursuing careers in the STEM fields. Part of the problem is the pipeline issue. This is something model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss has been tackling since 2014 when she launched her foundation Kode With Klossy to help teach young girls to code.


This best-selling author says this is the key to fueling your productivity

If you have ever felt bad about coming home after work and collapsing on your couch to watch hours of reality TV, don't. Simply look to New York Times best-selling author Jessica Knoll whose second novel, The Favorite Sister, is centered around the intriguing lives of reality TV stars. Knoll, who is a huge fan of The Real Housewives franchise and often binges on seasons, realized there were so many rich, story templates sitting right in front of her eyes that writing about this subject for her follow up book was a bit of a no brainer. And there is no doubt that this book will do as well as her first, The Luckiest Girl Alive, which sold over 450,000 copes and spent four months on the Times' best-seller list. Oh and Reese Witherspoon bought the rights for the film.


3 leadership lessons learned at the United State of Women Summit

I just wrapped up an incredible weekend in Los Angeles at the second United State of Women Summit, a gathering of over 5,000 women from across the country who are standing up to make their voices heard and take action in their communities.

Office culture

10 ways to normalize women’s success in the office

Successful women are no rarity. The issue lies in normalizing the topic and expanding it for upcoming generations. The goal in the years to come is to obviously continue to make sure that all women have equal opportunities in the workplace. But how do we really dig deep to normalize that success?


Study: Online crowdfunders trust woman-led ventures more

Looking at three years of Kickstarter data, the university found that women were more likely than men to have their startup ideas funded. Why? Because they were trusted more.

Office Life

Study: Women who interrupt conversation seen as less intelligent by men

When you interject your awesome point in a meeting, will your colleagues consider you assertive or rude? The answer may, unfortunately, depend on your gender, according to new research from Stanford’s Katherine Hilton, a doctoral candidate in linguistics.


The ‘jerk premium’ for men’s earnings kicks in at this age

Nice guys may get the girl but they won't get the higher salary, according to a new article from the Harvard Business Review. The article and research are by Miriam Gensowski, an assistant professor of economics at the University of Copenhagen. In her study she looks at how childhood personality and education can impact lifetime earnings and men and women's overall professional success.

Mother's Day

One tough mother: How being a mom can boost your job performance

Becoming a mother made me better at my job and career. It made me more assertive and decisive. It made me more strategic and thoughtful in my work. You are forced to improve these skill sets and begin functioning at a higher level previous to children.


New study explains how an open office plan can be sexist

Open office plans are designed to break down the physical and metaphoric walls between us, but a new study found that they were guilty of putting up new kinds of barriers between employees, reinforcing the same gendered hierarchies that they aimed to deconstruct.

Office culture

10 surprising ways you may be reinforcing sexism in the office

So how do you know if you're perpetuating incivility toward other women in the workplace? Here are 10 signs that you could be the culprit.

Gender at work

Women in tech suffer because of the American myth of meritocracy

The fact that Americans believe their society is a meritocracy is the biggest threat to equality, particularly when it comes to gender, as research by myself and others shows.


Women held only 5.1% of CEO positions in the S&P 1500

Just 5.1% of CEOs in the S&P Composite 1500 from 2016 to 2017 were women and they comprised only 11.5% of "other top executives," — positions like CFO and COO.

Work-Life Balance

How to talk about infertility with your boss and not make it uncomfortable

For many, the desire to start a family is primal — a period in life they’ve looked forward to for decades. That’s why infertility can be such a daunting, disheartening and difficult experience — after all, few know if they will have trouble procreating until they try.


5 ways for parents to empower their daughters

Gender stereotypes persist. According to a survey of 1,900 girls and young women between 7 and 21, conducted by the charity Girlguiding, many feel that pressure from social media, TV, friends, teachers and parents affects how they think and act.

Levelling Up

8 signs you have reached the glass ceiling in your company

Once you agree that these scenarios have occurred it becomes apparent that they may have been identified as “not executive material” and that a strategy is needed to ascend the plateau.


Having a baby between these ages makes the gender pay gap impossible to overcome

When you're a woman planning a family, timing what age you decide to have a baby will have far-reaching consequences on your future earnings. Think carefully. There is a 10-year baby window that will put women in a pay gap from which they will never recover.

Equal Pay Day

The secret to understanding income inequality

Whenever we observe a massive compression of inequality in income and wealth, there are major shocks of violent disruption behind it.

Equal Pay Day

5 ways for women to help women rise up on Equal Pay Day

Nearly 20 years into the new millennium, women still aren’t getting paid equally. Women are held back by doubt, antiquated notions, and stereotypes — and sometimes each other. This Equal Pay Day, help another woman rise in the workplace.

Equal Pay Day

The surprising way ‘gendered’ jobs hurt both men & women

Fighting against workplace inequality is just a typical day at the office for most women and minorities. Recently it has dominated the news cycle due to the outrage over sexual misconduct, the #MeToo movement and the birth of the #TimesUp campaign in Hollywood. But is there a more subconscious, widespread culprit at play as well?

Equal Pay Day

How to ask for more money — and why you should

Another year, another Equal Pay Day with disappointing statistics about the gender pay gap. These evidence-based reasons why women should use Equal Pay Day — April 10, 2018 — as an impetus to negotiate for fair pay.

Equal Pay Day

Survey: 68% of women believe they are paid equally to men

New research from ahead of Equal Pay Day, on April 10, shows that 68% of women believe they are being paid the same amount of money as men at their company with a “similar” professional background.

Equal Pay Day

15 notable women on how to fight for equal pay

The wage gap is still very significant. Though it is easy to become disheartened women need to keep fighting for equal pay. Here are some notable women, and their wise words, who have spoken out about equal pay.

Equal Pay Day

Sallie Krawcheck: ‘Nobody ever got fired for asking for a raise’

Ahead of Equal Pay Day tomorrow, the Ellevest CEO says that this is how women can have the confidence to go in and ask for more.