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Occupations with the largest gender pay gap

These are the occupations that have the largest gender pay gap in favor of men for all full-time employees aged 25 to 35.


Starbucks to offer more benefits for transgender employees

The company had already been covering gender affirming surgery, but now they will also include procedures that were previously considered cosmetic.


Time’s Up explains what workplace harassment is in new PSA

A new workplace harassment video wants to help employees understand how they can respectfully engage with one another in an office and outside of it.

Office Culture

Men in finance see workplace as meritocracy. Women don’t see the same

Meritocracy or not? While seven in ten male respondents agreed “men and women are promoted at an equal rate,” less than half of female respondents agreed with the statement.

The Whole Human

‘I don’t feel pretty’ … Why aren’t positivity movements working?

Many young girls and women today are prone to having strong bouts of insecurity about their looks and how they are perceived by others. They’re also strongly inclined to deriving a dominant part of their identity and self-worth from their physical appearance.


Should companies be forced to add women to boards? A new bill seeks to try

The bill cites research that finds that companies having more women on boards "creates an environment where women are no longer seen as outsiders and are able to influence the content and process of board discussions more substantially."


Survey: 38% of women in tech say their looks have been ‘inappropriately commented on’

Research has found that 38% of American women in tech say that their looks have been "inappropriately commented on" at work. So, while 85% of women and 62% of men working in this industry think that gender discrimination is real, it continues to manifest in various ways.


It only takes one sexual harassment claim to ruin your company’s reputation

When we hear about a single sexual harassment case at a company, it's enough to tank our perception about the company as a whole, according to new UCLA research highlighted in Harvard Business Review.


Women’s voices are significantly lower than they used to be

New research shows that women's voices today are significantly deeper than previous generations and that is because of roles shifting and power dynamics.


Survey: Women with female role models set more ambitious goals

Before you can be who you want to become, it helps if you can see it. A new survey from Lean Cuisine and New York University psychology professor Emily Balcetis found that women raise the bar when they have female role models that they can emulate.


Here are the Disney Princesses reimagined as empowered women

A lot has been said about the Disney Princesses over the years and it usually falls along the lines of criticism. Even though the characters are becoming more progressive in the last few years (Moana, Mulan, Anna and Elsa of Frozen) the Princesses of yesteryear (Arielle, Belle, Aurora) are said to promote body shaming and sexist gender stereotypes and why do they brush their hair with forks?


Only 1 in 4 women who have been sexually harassed tell their employers. Here’s why they’re afraid

Based on experience litigating sexual harassment cases as well as my research, I have determined there are three legal barriers that stand in the way of workers filing complaints – a critical step to rooting out harassment and protecting employees.


10 negotiating tips every woman needs in her arsenal

Negotiation, in any field or context, is something women just don’t learn enough about. If we are going to have equality in the workplace and beyond, negotiation skills are extremely important.

How To

How women can escape the impostor syndrome trap

A female’s self-doubt can negatively impact her career when, as studies show, she pushes less often than her male counterpart for a raise or a promotion.

This study finds that men are more susceptible to Imposter Syndrome than we thought

It is believed that more women tend to experience Imposter Syndrome as a result of social conditioning. However in a new exploratory paper, published in Personality and Individual Differences, researchers found that more men may experience Imposter Syndrome, especially when amplified by stress.


9 hyper-motivating TED talks from women on the top

It’s time for a pep talk, ladies. Take a few minutes to pause and absorb empowering stories from some of the best lady pioneers of our generation.


Survey: After college, women are more likely to get stuck in jobs they are overqualified for

After you graduate from college, your job prospects may be slim. In the need to be employed, you may take a job you are vastly overqualified for, thinking "this will just be for a little bit." But the first job you take in your career sets the tone for the rest of it.

Office Life

What the ‘Arrested Development’ interview can teach us about dismissing coworkers

When your coworker rallies up the courage to share a story about being verbally abused by another coworker, your job is to listen and be respectful. You want them to know that you support them, and find their experience to be valid, even if their recollection of events does not match your own.


Researchers find that good grades are bad for female job seekers

According to new research, the better the grades a female student gets, the less likely she is to land a job interview. One would assume it's the opposite — and it is ... for men.

Gender at work

5 things women leaders should stop doing. TODAY.

If you desire to be your best professional self and make the difference only you can make, here are five things you should stop doing. Today.


From supermodel to super role model: Karlie Kloss’s effort to get more women in tech

We are constantly told there are not enough women pursuing careers in the STEM fields. Part of the problem is the pipeline issue. This is something model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss has been tackling since 2014 when she launched her foundation Kode With Klossy to help teach young girls to code.


This best-selling author says this is the key to fueling your productivity

If you have ever felt bad about coming home after work and collapsing on your couch to watch hours of reality TV, don't. Simply look to New York Times best-selling author Jessica Knoll whose second novel, The Favorite Sister, is centered around the intriguing lives of reality TV stars. Knoll, who is a huge fan of The Real Housewives franchise and often binges on seasons, realized there were so many rich, story templates sitting right in front of her eyes that writing about this subject for her follow up book was a bit of a no brainer. And there is no doubt that this book will do as well as her first, The Luckiest Girl Alive, which sold over 450,000 copes and spent four months on the Times' best-seller list. Oh and Reese Witherspoon bought the rights for the film.


3 leadership lessons learned at the United State of Women Summit

I just wrapped up an incredible weekend in Los Angeles at the second United State of Women Summit, a gathering of over 5,000 women from across the country who are standing up to make their voices heard and take action in their communities.

Office culture

10 ways to normalize women’s success in the office

Successful women are no rarity. The issue lies in normalizing the topic and expanding it for upcoming generations. The goal in the years to come is to obviously continue to make sure that all women have equal opportunities in the workplace. But how do we really dig deep to normalize that success?


Study: Online crowdfunders trust woman-led ventures more

Looking at three years of Kickstarter data, the university found that women were more likely than men to have their startup ideas funded. Why? Because they were trusted more.