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The best pet-friendly places to work in 2018

At most workplaces, it's still only humans allowed, but an increasing number of workplaces, furry animals can co-exist peacefully with human employees.


REPORTS: Millennials put off kids due to money — but pamper pets lavishly

Babies are out; pets are in. New reports show that while student loan debt is forcing Millennials to push back the decision to have children, they spend more and more on pets every year.

Animals at Work

The newest cat on the New Zealand Police force will charm you

After the passing of police guinea pig Constable Elliot, a new furry friend has joined the New Zealand Police. Behold: Tia the police cat.


A woman allegedly used company money to buy her pug a tuxedo. She got fired

If the thought has ever crossed your mind to sneak an extra few things onto your expense sheet, or use the company credit card for personal items — just this once — let this be a lesson to you.

Animals at Work

What this ridiculously adorable dog can teach you about writing your best resume

Mowgli can teach you a thing or two.

Animals at Work

Workplaces should invite dogs in every day

Oh happy day!

Animals at Work

These six tired puppies are working hard to become fierce police dogs

Do not under any circumstances rub their tiny, fierce, round bellies.

Animals at Work

This airport dog got the best retirement party

A good career deserves a good retirement party.

Animals at Work

Ambitious dog wins spot on several academic journals

This pup has a nose to sniff out scams.

Animals at Work

Faithful service dog earns a yearbook picture for his hard work

One pup's work ethic gets the love it deserves.

Amazing Jobs

Today in amazing jobs: professional cat cuddler

Must understand different types of purring.

Animals at Work

Amazon’s pro-dog strategy puts other companies to shame

Amazon's new dog park shows companies can be pet-friendly even outside their walls.

Animals at Work

Working dogs are the stars of 2017 commencement season

They are very good dogs.

Pets at Work

You can now take a convincing stuffed version of your pet with you to work

Why have cuddles only in your hours at home?


The best answer when an interviewer asks ‘what animal are you?’

Popular creative interview questions like 'what animal are you' are meant to see how quickly interviewees can think on their feet in a job interview.

Animals at Work

To stay calm at work, watch nature documentaries

Top tip to chill out: look to nature.

Animals at Work

A guinea pig in New Zealand is keeping drivers — and kids — safe

So fluffy, yet with so much authority.

Animals at Work

Adorable Latvian cat interrupts mayor’s interview

A mayor bowed to a higher authority: one of his favorite cats.

Animals at Work

Pandora the cat is ‘exemplary,’ detailed performance review says

Pandora gets the detailed, glowing performance review every human wants.

Animals at Work

The real dog days of Washington are coming, and they will be adorable

One government agency has become the first to welcome dogs into the office.

Animals at Work

Raise your paw if you want ‘paw-ternity’ leave to play with your puppy

Paid time off to play with your new puppy? One company is trying it.