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Facebook is facing two age discrimination lawsuits

Two new age discrimination lawsuits are arguing that Facebook is not the inclusive, great place to work it's supposed to be... if you're too old.


A former British Vogue editor shows what not to say after you’ve been fired

Don't do these things.

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8 positive reasons you should keep working after retirement

It helps you feel healthy for the rest of your life.

age in the workplace

5 secrets to working with millennials

Stop complaining that they aren’t engaged.


How to stop misunderstanding people on instant message

A few basic tips for navigating the emoji minefields.

Age in the Workplace

At work, millennials want healthcare benefits, not adorable office perks

Millennials aren't frivolous.

Age in the Workplace

An important age discrimination lawsuit may come to the Supreme Court

Can an employer have secret age hiring preferences for its online applicants?

Age in the Workplace

Here’s why people over 50 are supporting the U.S. workforce

Older workers have some advantages in the workplace.

Age in the Workplace

5 ways the new health care bill could change things for workers

Older workers and those who get seriously sick are likely to be the most affected.

Age in the Workplace

I miss old people in the workplace. Here’s why.

Workplaces are so obsessed with youth that they risk missing out on wisdom.

Age in the Workplace

New study proves it really is harder to find a job as you get older

The largest-ever study of age discrimination says the trend is very real.

Age in the Workplace

5 ways to make millennial workers less stressed and more successful

The way different generations experience stress is a major factor in performance. Here's how to be more successful managing Millennial workers.