Are you surprised by who predicted the future? You will…

Hope you’re enjoying the day off in the mountains, on a lake, at the beach, or wherever your work can’t find you!

This Memorial Day, it’s a trip down memory lane to TV ads from the early 1990s that remind us how crazy far we’ve come.

AT&T’s “You Will” ads were just that — crazy dreams that were brought to us by the dominant phone company. If you recall seeming them live on TV, every one of these ads seemed improbable, pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking, a fever dream of the future.

Which was kind of the point — even your ol’ phone monopoly could dream big wild dreams!

But when you watch them today, it’s remarkable how completely obvious, and even out-dated, some of them already seem:

“Have you ever gotten a phone call on your wrist?”

“Have you ever paid a toll without slowing down?”

“Have you ever watched the movie you want to, the minute you wanted to?”

“Have you ever attended a meeting in your bare feet?”

“Have you ever had a classmate thousands of miles away?”


These predictions seemed outlandish and hopelessly optimistic about what the future could bring. They were all stuff of a science fiction made-up drama, about as realistic as Captain Kirk or an I Dream of Jeannie re-run.

And they’ve all come true.

We are living in the age of miracles and wonder, folks. And this Memorial Day weekend, as we thank all of those who made it possible for us, let us also be thankful for the everyday magic we have in our lives.

I’m rooting for you!