Should You Be Asking for More Money?

Compare yourself to other candidates to determine if you should be asking for more money.

Wouldn’t you like to know who’s interviewing against you for the same job?

Ladders shows you each individual who applied for the job — in a completely anonymous way.

You’ll see years of experience, educational background, and compensation range for each other person in the hunt.

If the job is a good fit you’ll get the inside scoop that you should be asking for more money, or that you should emphasize your advanced degree when applying.

We’ll also show you how you compare to all the candidates in aggregate.

Seeing who your competition is and how you stack up gives you a sense of whether the job’s a better fit for somebody else, or if you’re actually the person at the top of the list!

Good luck with the search this week, Readers!

I’m rooting for you.