Should I cut my own hair?

People fidget with their resumes… 

Before every interview, she updates her resume to include keywords she thinks will appeal to the interviewer. Before submitting a resume for each job, he updates it to tweak his accomplishments to fit the job description. 

Are these good uses of time? 

Unfortunately, no. 

It’s like cutting your own hair before every date to try and impress the person you’re meeting. 

Because you’re not a professional, you’re not quite sure what you’re doing. And because your date is a human being, with a wide range of interests, ideas, and viewpoints, trying to match your hairstyle – or your resume – to your guesses about what they’ll like is asking too much of you as a stylist. 

You shouldn’t cut your own hair before every date, and you shouldn’t update your resume for each job you apply to. 

Instead, follow my advice, developed over the past 2 decades, on crafting a resume that covers all the bases. I’ve organized all of our materials below from the free, DIY advice, to my bestselling book, to the paid professionals who can do it for you. 

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