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Of course, this is just the beginning as we spread the word of

And that word is spreading. Today, we have:

    • Over 2,000 individual recruiters and hiring managers who post jobs to
    • More than 13,000 new jobs each and every month across all our newsletters
    • Over 202,000 readers like you who’ve turned to to find your next role in life faster and more comprehensively

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The $100K+ job search used to be a frustrating game of hide-and-seek. The jobs would hide and you’d spend 90% of your time seeking.

That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me when I was an SVP at HotJobs, and I saw how our model contributed to the problem.
Because it was free to apply for jobs, we’d have dishwashers and lots of underqualified folks from overseas applying for the great senior level jobs that showed up. Human nature being what it is, the feeling is “why not apply for this great job even if I’m wholly inappropriate. What the heck, it’s free and I might just get it.” Let’s face it… you’ve done it, I’ve done it, we’ve all applied for a job that was a bit of a stretch from time to time.

And you can imagine what the high-powered senior recruiters, with not much time to spare in a busy day, had to say about that: “Hey Marc, don’t send us hundreds of bad resumes that we have to waste hours sorting out; just send us the highly qualified good ones.”

So the system was broken. And that’s just simply no way for a mature, responsible country to go about placing its leaders in their next role in life. Think of all the wasted time and effort and talent!

You see, the way top people get jobs is by selling themselves: networking, interviewing, showing up in person so that the recruiter or hiring manager can see firsthand the talent, the ambition, the passion.

And you might be surprised for a tech-geek like me to say this: I’ve never known anybody to get hired sight-unseen while sitting behind a computer screen. Might sound like a good line for a country-western song, but it’s the honest truth.

That’s why I created

Because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of good jobs out there for somebody at your level, in your region of the country, and you shouldn’t have to spend hours hunting and pecking around the internet to find out where they are. You should be handed a good list of leads each week by somebody who knows the recruiting business really well. That way, you can spend your time on those important things that are going to get you hired: phoning, networking, interviewing and chatting.

So, look, you could do all this searching yourself:

Click here to buy the Kennedy Information Guide to Executive Recruiters (book and CD-ROM available for $250) with over 13,000 of them listed

And you can go right ahead and call them all.

But for around a dollar a day, we do all that for you, and, actually, quite a bit more:

    • When you contact a corporate recruiter or executive search professional, unfortunately, it’s often tough for them to give you the time you deserve because of the volume of correspondence they wade through.
    • When contacts them, representing 202,000 Readers, they’re pretty eager to listen.
    • When you send in your resume over the transom, the recruiter doesn’t know how to pick your high-quality resume out of the piles and piles of dreck.
    • By contrast, sends an average of just twelve high-quality resumes to each job in our system. That’s why recruiters love us so much.
    • The time and expense of calling all these recruiters and hiring managers to ask if they have an opening for someone like you, even if you have a eager-to-please teenage son working along with you (an oxymoron, I know, folks) could just about eat up your wallet and your savings.
    • While here at, we have an active outreach program run by Dave Carvajal, a great recruiter and one of the co-founders of What Dave and his team do each week is work the phones and the inboxes of corporate recruiters and executive search professionals across the country to find you the best jobs on the planet.

So by combing through more than 70,000 jobs each week to pull out the three or four thousand best ones, by contacting recruiters to get at their hidden jobs, and by giving you the leads and the tools to spend your time more effectively, we want to make your job hunt shorter, more successful, and less stressful.

Let us know how we’re doing!


So what do you, the wonderful Readers of, think so far? Let’s listen to you in your own words:

I got a job with The Target Corporation, as a Sr. Project Mgr. I have seen many good jobs on your website, and recommended your site to a few friends. Most of the positions you have were not listed elsewhere. I enjoyed the articles too! I wish you continued success!

Jeanine Viani,
Minneapolis, MN

Just a quick email to say thanks for a great “no BS” service, great web experience, and a *great* network! Your, “I’m not going to waste your time with gimmicks,” personality shines throughout the site, and is a refreshing respite and oasis from the vast wasteland of cyberspace headhunters. Thanks for keeping it real, and don’t be afraid to keep speaking your mind: the Internet can be a very intimate medium and your courage to distance yourself from corporate “brochure-speak” will continue to differentiate your brand from the pack.

Doug O’Bryon,
Germantown, MD

For several weeks now, I have been a daily visitor to UpLadder. As someone contemplating my own job/career transition, I am extremely familiar with many job sites, and find yours to be unique in several important and basic ways, from the elegance of your business approach to your customer relations pitch (intelligent and not preachy) You make excellent use of the latest technologies. The site looks and works great. Your job descriptions are clear and concise. And your listings are top notch. Its all very well thought out.

Brian August,
New York, NY

I must commend you on your site. With a little bit of diligence, I was offered a position at 3 times what I am making now. I still have not decided if I am going to take the position, but it is a better offer than I have had to date.

Thank you again, David C. Gess,
Lexington, KY

Thanks for your kind words Readers! And, yes, in addition to the good stuff, we’d especially like to hear from you how we can get even better, so please let us know!