Your promotion prediction for the year

Happy New Year!

Success in business has learned a lot from success in sports. A great technique to adopt from sports is visualization — by imagining in your mind’s eye the victory that you want to happen, you make it more likely that it will happen.

We want to help you visualize your success: tell us about the promotion you want, or the new job you’d like to get this year.

It’s pretty easy, just tell us what you’re looking for: title, compensation, location, distance from your zip code.

Visualizing your success means first, setting goals, and second, playing through in your head the steps it is going to take to get you there. What path will lead to your boss giving you a firm handshake and her hearty congratulations, or a new boss welcoming you to his team?

Can you visualize in your mind what it is going to take this year to become the person you want to be next year?…

Have you had the conversation with your boss about your goals?
Or are you ambitions outside of your current company?
Are there key skills you need to acquire? A new language, an improved mastery of software you’re already using, further development of sales / negotiation / persuasion skills?
Are there accomplishments yet undone that you need to complete to prove yourself?
Are you looking to change your role or you industry?
Are there things you should spend less time on, so you can spend more time on important things?
Are there key relationships you need to nurture and foster? Have you made time in your calendar to do so?
Are there, in fact, key hires that you need to make so that you can get to the next level?
Is there a project or a product that you can take the lead on and master?

These, and many, many more questions and potential courses of action, are the substance of what you may consider as you think about your promotion this year.

And it all starts with telling us what you’d like your new title to be.

I’m rooting for you.