Please confirm, you’d like to make more money in 2020

Good Monday morning, 

You’ve told us that you’re currently making (not enough) and would like to make more in 2020. Let us know if your goal is between $100K and $500K.

There are three great ways to set yourself up for increased earnings power in 2020.

Find a new job

If you’re looking for a new job at the $100K+ level, you can choose jobs by date postedyears of experienceindustryposition level and company in Ladders job search.

There’s never been a more terrific labor market in our lifetimes, and the pay and positions available to professionals like you,  are outstanding.

Keep your resume updated and your ears open 

Whether you’ve used our:
Resume template
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Free resume reviewer that provides concise and useful advice,
Best resume format for 2020, or
Purchased our Amazon best-selling Resume guide

An updated resume is key to generating better pay for yourself this year.

An updated resume gives you confidence and peace of mind that you’ll be able to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise this year.  It also gives you a better handle on your 1-1s with your boss and your annual performance review.

Taking 2 hours now to update your resume will save you a day in the future when you can’t remember all the good stuff you got done last year.

Outperform at work

As mentioned in my article on raises last year…

The best way to frame these achievements, of course, is to have had the conversation with your boss at the beginning of the year about what what success looks like and what you need to do to earn a raise or a promotion Having the conversation before the year begins, is the best way to know upfront what level of performance is required to earn rewards, raises, and promotions.

Have you had “the conversation” with your boss about expectations for this year?  Have you put it in writing? Do you have an agreed-upon plan for helping you to get there?

Answering each of these questions is key to being more successful this year, and making a persuasive case in 2020 that you deserve to earn more in the years ahead.

Have a great week!