Patriots win in overtime, you win in February

Tom Brady won his fifth ring in overtime in a Super Bowl for the ages. It was a long slog that seemed destined for an unexciting blowout with only a quarter to go. A few remarkable plays, a ton of excitement, and 31 unanswered points later, the first Super Bowl to go to overtime, ended with a Patriots win.

Sometimes, the job search feels the same way — a long, long march down the field of resumes, interviews, and negotiations, followed by an extraordinary series of exciting developments at the end.

And that’s a good time to remind you that February is your season for winning also…

We have over 200,000 HR professionals and recruiters on Ladders looking to hire you.

From startups to the Fortune 1000, from HR Talent professionals working at companies to outside executive search consultants, we’ve got enough hiring professionals to fill TWO stadiums in Houston.

And that’s a lot of attention waiting for you…

Good luck with making this year your championship season.

I’m rooting for you.