Putting the “hunt” in job hunt with decent tools for the job

Like any hunt, your job hunt needs good tools for a good outcome.

And if you find yourself feeling like you’re wandering aimlessly across a bleak and vast horizon of endless tundra… then, yep, you’re in the middle of a modern job hunt, and you don’t have the right tools. It can feel hopeless.

We’d like to help.

So we’ve built something special for you.

Our new feature — the Track page — helps you land your next job by keeping you informed of everything going on in your job search.

Importantly, this means keeping you informed not just about what you’ve done, but what the recruiter has done with your resume.

Has she downloaded it? Has he forwarded it to a co-worker? Has he opened and saved your application?

All this information, along with the usual stuff about when and where you applied, is on our new Track Page.

Here are a few ways Ladders’ Tracking will improve your job hunt:

Your applications escape the “black hole.”

Only Ladders provides insight into your application after you hit apply. We’re removing that feeling that you sent your resume into outer space and will never hear back from anyone. You’re able to see whether a recruiter viewed your application, downloaded your resume, shared it with a colleague, or saved your profile. You’ll also know the last time the recruiter was logged into Ladders.

We’ll keep you organized and on top of your jobs.

You’ll see the jobs you’ve saved, liked on the mobile app, or applied to – all in one place. This way you’ll know how best to follow up.

A dashboard for your favorite opportunities. The latest information will be available so you’ll never apply to a job that’s already been filled or expired. You’ll also see updated competitive info about the job.

Prune your job list. When a position is filled or you decide you’re no longer interested, archive it in a list of previously flagged positions.

As ever, we’re making your search easier and less painful, which we’ll all hope makes it shorter and more successful.